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Vice Principal Desk - Day Boarding

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to changethe world".


Our firm thebelief and faith in good things make me to quote the above lines. The world isjudging us and the worth of our school by seeing our products.

Best wishes toeverybody. As it is said, many hands make work light and many hands have joinedin this gigantic effort of running the school, I feel privileged that I am apart of this system with my leadership role. This year has made me to step intostill bigger shoes with greater responsibility. The Institution has given mescope to expand my horizons. This faith in me has enabled me challenge biggertasks and rejuvenate my working process. We pay attention to the fact thatchildren at these ages are still developing their social and emotional skills.When they get opportunity to be noticed, they express themselves. The schoolwelcomes and feels encouraged by parents interactions. We have always laid uson building crucial parent-teacher partnership based on trust and open communication.We respect and understand the progress made by the child and accept correctivemeasures to be taken with regards to behavioral and academic issues. Beingflexible with children provides them a learning environment with motivation. Mypivotal role has widened my horizons and the faith of parents, students andauthorities has enabled me to break the ice. We come across many reluctantlearners and we feel proud when we see them progressed. I would acknowledge theefforts of Administrator, Coordinators and my staff members and parents fortheir contribution and collaboration in the common venture of nurturing youngminds and cultivating moral ethics along with good rapport of academics.

I am greatlyindebted to the Chairman, Management and Director Principal for giving me anopportunity to excel my ideas wisely for the betterment of the students. Wishyou all the best... 

Mr. P. N. Patil

Vice Principal

(Day Section)